Patient Stories

Cheryl’s Story

Danielle’s daughter Cheryl had reactions to different foods as early as 10 months old. First, Cheryl couldn’t keep down the scrambled eggs her mom made for her one morning. At 1 year, she tried peanut butter crackers and immediately hives began spreading all over her thighs. Mom...

Cecelia & Patrick’s Story

It is not uncommon for us to see families with multiple children taking part in OIT. Is it work for our families? Of course! The alternative though, is avoidance which comes with a high burden of constant worry. Kristen originally brought her daughter Cecelia in for OIT. During...

Ayaan’s Story

At the age of 2, Ayaan tried his first piece of butter chicken and he became sick. Again at age 4 and 1/2 he was at a friends’ house and tried this same dish again. He was to the point of throwing up fresh blood when his parents took him to the pediatrician. He referred...

Mable’s Story

Yvonne knew something was terribly wrong when her daughter Mable, 15 months old at the time, ate some peanut butter and her face began to swell. She became agitated and threw up. Yvonne immediately took her to the pediatrician where Mable was treated for an allergic reaction. The...

Sullivan’s Story

Dear Dr. Chacko, We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for our family, especially Sullivan. From the moment we met you last July we knew we wanted to pursue OIT with you. I will never forget how optimistic and reassuring you were when discussing treatment. It...
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