Patient Stories

Sofie’s Story

Sofie had an allergic reaction to peanuts as a small child. Her mom, Katalin, diligently took Sofie to the allergist every year for testing. Year after year, the same diagnosis and the same outcome, which also meant the same TOTAL AVOIDANCE of peanuts. In 2018, life changed for...

Rohan’s Story

Rohan began his battle with allergies early in life. He would experience terrible eczema when breastfeeding, so his family began an elimination diet. For 6 or 7 years, avoidance and yearly allergy testing was the answer for this family. No milk, no eggs, and no nuts. For Birthday...

Ronil’s Story

Lakhbir had the terrifying experience of rushing her four year old son, Ronil to the hospital after he ate a snickers bar which caused an anaphylactic reaction. From that day forward, the family carried multiple epipens. They avoided peanuts and read the fine print on everything....

Annabel’s Story

There are so many ways in which a child with food allergies can feel ostracized. Treats at school for good behavior, sleepovers at a friends house, and birthday cakes are only a few things that these children aren’t able to enjoy or take part in because of the allergy...

Chase’s Story

This is a 12 year old boy living life to the fullest. He plays football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse and not to mention an avid swimmer. This is also a boy who is highly allergic to all types of grass, trees, cats and dogs. Chase is able to conquer his allergies and has...
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