Dr. Chacko on WSB-TV – Smog alert warnings


Happening right now, metro Atlanta is under a smog alert. Here’s a live look outside. It is hot out there.

State officials say so far this year we’ve had 13 alert days and today we learned why we’re seeing more warnings about unhealthy air conditions.

Even when you don’t see a problem in Atlanta’s blue summer sky, pollution from exhaust pipes and ozone is adding up to health concerns this summer.

“Asthmatics, anyone with COPD, or any lung issues in general where their lungs are a little more brittle than the average person, should be aware of anything that could irritate their lungs.”

Dr. Thomas Chacko with Northside Allergy and Asthma tells patients to watch for breathing trouble.

“There are more ER visits for asthma attacks when the ozones high, so you have to be careful of that.”

There’s a Code Orange smog alert.

There has been more smog alert forecasts to share this season for a couple of reasons. Environmental officials lowered the threshold for how much ozone and pollution triggers an alert. Plus, although experts say in the bigger picture Atlanta’s air quality is getting better, recent hot dry air is pushing more days into the orange zone, which can be a problem for those asthma patients. At red, more people might get a cough for feel some throat irritation. But the vast majority of us, doctor Chacko says..

“I want you to go out enjoy the summer, go to the pool, exercise. So if you’re healthy I’d be aware of it, but otherwise wouldn’t limit your activity.”

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