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Sophie’s story of how oral immunotherapy is treating her peanut allergySofie had an allergic reaction to peanuts as a small child. Her mom, Katalin, diligently took Sofie to the allergist every year for testing. Year after year, the same diagnosis and the same outcome, which also meant the same TOTAL AVOIDANCE of peanuts. In 2018, life changed for this family. Sofie began OIT with us and she is now eating 7 peanut m&ms a day!

If you don’t have a child with food allergies let me explain what this means. This family can eat at restaurants without the fear and anxiety of cross contamination, Katalin doesn’t have to worry everyday when her child goes to school that she may accidentally come in contact with peanuts and get that dreaded call, and Sofie has the freedom to be a kid and live without the nagging chore of reading every ingredient in her food. This is what OIT success looks like.

Thank you Katalin and Sofie for allowing us to be a part of your journey!

Sofie and her family were used to total avoidance of peanut products, but oral immunotherapy has changed that. They now have more freedom and much more peace of mind.

There Are Better Treatments for Allergies Than Avoidance

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