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Rohan’s story of treating his food allergies with oral immunotherapyRohan began his battle with allergies early in life. He would experience terrible eczema when breastfeeding, so his family began an elimination diet. For 6 or 7 years, avoidance and yearly allergy testing was the answer for this family. No milk, no eggs, and no nuts. For Birthday parties his parents would pack Rohan some applesauce and a brownie so that he could at least feel as if he was taking part in the traditional cake festivities. Once Rohan’s family found our doctors he blazed through the egg challenge and milk challenge. He has conquered peanut OIT and now he’s onto the rest of the tree nuts. This 10 year old boy is loving life, and his dad says, even put on a little weight with all the new foods he can enjoy! Way to go Rohan, we couldn’t be more proud.

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