Patrick and Cecilia's Story

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We first introduced you to these super sweet kids back in July 2019. Kristen originally brought only Cecilia in for treatment for her cashew and pistachio allergies after she ate a trail mix that contained cashews. She immediately became lethargic and broke out in hives. During one of her treatments Patrick ate a cashew and had an allergic reaction. Kristen quickly enrolled Patrick in OIT also.

Cecelia finished her treatment in September and Patrick just finished his treatment. The whole family is very pleased with the results. At one point during the treatment stage the whole family was out to dinner at a restaurant that had pistachios and Patrick reacted to the nuts, but Cecilia did not since she was further along with the treatment.

Each patient’s treatment length and intensity are different but the goal in the end is the same … to give the patient and the patient’s family peace of mind and to prevent a severe reaction in the case of accidental exposure.

We are so pleased to hear about Cecelia and Patrick’s success with OIT.

This update on oral immunotherapy patients Cecilia and Patrick shows how OIT treatment can bring relief and reduce worry. If your family is struggling with keeping allergens away from children, OIT may be your answer, too. Schedule an appointment with the Chacko Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center by calling 678-668-4688 today.

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