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Kids with severe allergies sometimes miss out on typical childhood things such as preschool, eating out, and birthday parties. This is the case for Nolan. They kept him home from preschool due to the severity of his allergies. At six months old he broke out in hives on his hands and had swelling in his face after eating yoghurt bites. After multiple years of allergy tests and year after year of different results, they decided to test him for the Ara H2 component which is the most commonly recognized peanut component. The test came back positive. Once he was diagnosed with severe allergies to dairy, peanuts, and sesame, his parents brought him to Dr. Chacko. Over time, Nolan has outgrown his dairy allergy and can now have baked in dairy. However, that is not the case for his peanut allergy. He is now being treated by Dr. Chacko for his peanut allergy with OIT. His mom says this has been an amazing experience. They are very thankful that a treatment like this is now available and they can give him the best possible future for his food allergies.

Our goal is the proper diagnosis for every allergy situation. It puts the patient on the right path to finding the best solution. To find out how oral immunotherapy can help you and your child, call Chacko Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center at 678-668-4688 today.

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