How to Fight Fatigue Related to Allergies

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If you have hay fever, food allergies or a similar issue, you are likely to recognize many of the common symptoms. From congestion and sneezing to skin rashes and breathing issues, these uncomfortable symptoms motivate many to seek out an effective allergy treatment. However, there is one side effect you may have experienced and yet not linked to allergies – fatigue. Let’s look more closely at the issue of fatigue for Atlanta allergy patients, and consider what you can do to counter its effects.

Coping With Allergy-Related Fatigue

Far too many people deal with constant fatigue today. Unfortunately, individuals don’t always know what causes their symptoms. Fatigue often manifests itself during the day after a restless night of sleep. It’s a vicious cycle that never seems to end. These days, a number of health conditions can cause fatigue, but few people seem to consider allergies as the culprit. Fighting allergy fatigue requires a comprehensive approach. Finding out the exact allergy that is causing the symptoms is the best long term solution.

Allergies Affect People Day and Night

Chances are high that individuals with allergies know they have them. They’ll spend their days sneezing, coughing, and feeling congested. Typically, people realize how allergies affect themselves during the day. Not all sufferers recognize that allergies can worsen the quality of their sleep. The immune system targets allergens, and this frequent immune response disrupts the body in various ways.

What Allergies Cause Fatigue?

Various allergies contribute to the feeling of constant tiredness. Thankfully, an allergist-immunologist can treat many types of allergies, offering long-term relief. You may find that during pollen season your allergic rhinitis symptoms lead to depleted energy. In other cases, inflammation from a food allergy might leave you feeling drained or fatigued. These allergens and other triggers found in the home (such as chemicals, dust, mold and pet dander) are common causes of a lack of energy.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Allergy Fatigue

In addition to feeling exhausted, there are other signals that may point to allergy-related fatigue. Brain fog, muscle aches, a reduced activity level and even poor mental health may often accompany fatigue and are therefore worth investigating. While fatigue is indeed a possible sign of an allergy, these symptoms could be related to other conditions as well.

How To Tackle Allergy Fatigue

To fight allergy fatigue, individuals need to remove allergens wherever possible. Dust, pollen, and even pet hair can cause symptoms like breathing issues at night. A bed should be covered throughout the day by a mattress encasement and pillow covers. Likewise, a person should vacuum their home’s floors often and keep windows closed. An air purifier that removes allergens can make sense for certain households.

Allergy sufferers can take steps to protect their own body, too. For instance, allergy medications can be purchased over the counter at drug stores. Antihistamines and decongestants are popular options to fight back against allergy symptoms. Individuals can take a nightly bath or shower before bed. In doing so, they wash away allergens and particles on their skin and hair.

Long-Term Remedies for Allergy-Related Fatigue

Along with immediate remedies, allergists have long-term methods for tackling allergies and reducing the impact of fatigue. Treating allergies properly begins with professional allergy testing (skin prick and blood testing) to diagnose the cause. Along with medications like antihistamines, your allergist may also recommend a desensitization process, such as oral immunotherapy or allergy shots.

Fewer Allergens Means Less Fatigue and Better Sleep

After taking these steps, individuals can expect their constant fatigue to lessen. Symptoms could improve in leaps and bounds for some sufferers. Fewer allergens in the home and bedroom will lead to higher quality sleep. From there, a person can expect to feel more rejuvenated in the morning and have more energy during the day. Those that suffer from severe allergies can still reduce their fatigue and other symptoms in noticeable ways!

Are You Struggling With Allergy-Related Fatigue?

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