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A peanut allergy can be managed and even treated. If your child has become allergic to peanuts, learn the strategies used by Chloe’s mom to address her daughter’s peanut allergies at home and school.

We found out Chloe had a severe peanut allergy when she was two. I gave her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and she broke out in hives. And a couple weeks later we took her to the allergist and they did the skin test and confirmed that she had a severe peanut allergy.

So mostly when we first learned it was a little bit of shock and disbelief just because we had kind of set our minds on how things were gonna be and we had to get used to how things were going to be moving forward.

Well I think it became a matter of how can we be prepared. So, it was about research. It was about always making sure to check every label to learn a different routine that really helped and just became a normal natural part of life.

Chloe’s treatment is epinephrine. If she was ever to have a reaction we would inject it in her outer thigh. She does not administer it but I have trained her on how to so that when she gets older she’ll be prepared.

Right now we’re doing oral immunotherapy treatment where she takes a little bit of peanut over a long period of time to desensitize her, and Chloe is really doing great. So, we have a lot of Hope.

At her school, we’ve put together an action plan with the administration and the teacher. Anyone who is responsible for Chloe knows how to use the epinephrine, knows reactions on what to look for, knows how to read the ingredients, and knows exactly what to do.

Chloe has a safe treat box in her classroom so if the teacher is ever unsure of a product or if it is not safe in the classroom. It’s full of safe goodies that Chloe can pick out whatever she wants. She also knows that if for some reason a friend wants to give her a piece of candy or something that she can’t have, when she gets home mommy’s gonna make her something even better we’ll get something from the store.

Chloe: “Or I just don’t take the piece of candy or whatever it is that my friend gives me.”

The most important advice I could give another parent is to always have the epinephrine with them, to make sure your child is included in everything they can be included in, and to make sure that your child is an advocate for themselves. It’s really become such a great thing for her because she has become so strong and incredible.

Chloe: “I ate 37 peanuts and I didn’t have a reaction. And peanuts are yummy, and I could have all kinds of treats on Halloween, and I’m having a party on October 1st so I hope you come.”

Oral Immunotherapy Can Take the Worry Away From Peanut Allergies

Children with peanut allergies like Chloe can miss out on a lot of fun. Oral immunotherapy can help them to stop worrying about their allergy and focusing on having fun with their friends. To learn more about OIT for peanut allergies, schedule an appointment with Dr. Chacko and the Chacko Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center team at one of our clinic locations in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Canton, Cumming, Duluth and Johns Creek. Call us at (678) 668–4688

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