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Causes of sinus headaches for Atlanta patients.
Anyone who suffers from sinus headaches will recognize the constant excruciating pain they can bring. The acute pain across the
Food allergy symptoms in Atlanta patients.
Food allergies are a growing concern for Atlanta parents, with cases growing to unprecedented new levels. While you or your
How an Atlanta ENT checks your sinuses.
Sinusitis is a common health concern resulting from sinus swelling and inflammation. Various ENT treatment options will quickly resolve sinusitis.
Introduction to allergies for Georgia residents.
Allergies are the reactions your body experiences in response to certain foods or other substances. But while the concept may
Nighttime asthma symptoms in Atlanta children.
Asthma is a common condition impacting around one in 10 children. While some children will find that their asthma goes
Allergy testing in Atlanta.
Allergies impact over 50 million Americans each year and are a chief cause of chronic illnesses. Sadly, most individuals never
Causes of eczema for Atlanta patients
Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is a skin condition affecting millions of Americans. Atlanta-area patients of Dr. Chacko often undergo allergy
ENT issues caused by cold weather
As temperatures fall, the cold weather brings a host of ear, nose and throat (ENT) issues for Atlanta-area residents. So
Sleeping problems for Atlanta residents caused by postnasal drip
Postnasal drip is a frustrating condition that will impact most people during their lifetime. Adults and children in Atlanta and
Food allergy information for Atlanta patients.
It is highly likely that you or people you know are suffering from a food allergy. In fact, the Asthma

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