Your Three Keys to an Allergy-Free Spring

If you suffer from allergies related to indoor allergens like dust, mold, and pet dander, spring cleaning is a perfect opportunity to remove allergens from your home while improving overall air quality. Read on for three key strategies you can use to ensure your spring cleaning...

Allergies, Asthma and the Hygiene Hypothesis

Leading medical researchers have offered the “hygiene hypothesis” to explain the rising number of diagnosed allergy and asthma cases. The theory maintains that modern living environments are simply too clean and germ free. Exceptionally clean environments deprive children...

Red Meat Allergies

Tick bites can cause a number of infections and diseases. In recent years, doctors and patients alike have noted an increase in allergic reactions to red meat as a result of tick bites. Primarily caused by the Lone Star tick of the U.S. southeast region, allergists say that the...

Things you can do to minimize fall allergy symptoms

Seasonal fall allergies are sometimes the result of changes in weather that can increase the presence of airborne pollens or mold. In some patients, this can cause the onset of seasonal allergy symptoms. In other cases, seasonal allergies in the fall are caused by more time spent...

Pollen allergies and the foods we eat

Spring and fall typically bring with them allergies — and sometimes serious ones. In the case of pollen allergies, many people don’t know that you can experience allergic reactions from pollen present in your food, not just the stuff floating around in the air. In...
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