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Dr. Chacko Featured on the Cover of
Atlanta's Top Doctor Magazine

Dr. Chacko with Sanjay Gupta on CNN

Dr Chacko discussing the latest in peanut allergy on CNN

Spring Allergies HLN Interview with Dr. Chacko

Life prior to peanut desensitization…now eating peanuts!

Dr. Chacko discussing peanut allergies on Headline News

Dr. Chacko explaining exercise induced asthma on CNN

Dr. Chacko on National TV Discussing Spring Allergies

Dr. Chacko on WSB-TV – Smog Alert Warnings

Dr. Chacko on WebMD

Dr. Chacko Discussing Outdoor Allergies and Exercise

Dr. Chacko Discussing Gardening with Allergies

Dr. Chacko Discussing Treating Bites and Stings

Teach Your Child How to Use Epinephrine

Dr. Chacko Discussing Common Triggers

Dr. Chacko Discussing Allergy vs Anaphylaxis

Important Instructions to Give Their School

Why You Have to Act Fast

Dr. Chacko on Telemundo

Dr. Chacko Discussing Allergies in Georgia on Telemundo

Dr. Chacko Discussing Allergies in Georgia on Telemundo

Dr. Chacko on

Does Your Baby Have a Food Allergy?

Safety Tips for Children with Food Allergies

Dr. Chacko on Al Jazeera & CBS 46

Dr. Chacko discussing peanut oral immunotherapy

Dr. Chacko on CBS 46 Atlanta

Dr. Chacko : Food Allergies Without Limitations

Dr. Chacko discussing peanut allergies

Watch Dr. Thomas Chacko with Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent

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