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Dr. Chacko expertly treats adults and children with allergy issues in the Atlanta area. He is a 5-Year Honoree of the Patients’ Choice Award as one of Georgia’s Favorite Physicians.

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When your immune system reacts to a foreign substance it can trigger an allergic reaction in varied parts of the body. From food allergies to hay fever, doctors use allergy testing and treatment to relieve suffering.



Asthma can affect both adults and children, with symptoms that go beyond coughing or shortness of breath. A physician’s evaluation is needed for a proper diagnosis that will help protect the lungs and avoid damage.

Food Allergies

Food Allergies

While some food allergies can be outgrown, that’s not always the case. A proper diagnosis of the issue along with the right treatment options can successfully address the problem and relieve suffering.

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Pain or pressure in the head, face and even teeth can show our sinuses need help. A sinus infection (sinusitis) can be caused by bacteria, virus, or fungi. Dr. Chacko can diagnose and treat sinusitis whatever its cause.

Allergy & Sinus

We cover all areas of adult and pediatric allergy and immunology, including allergic rhinitis (hay fever), sinusitis, asthma, chronic cough, allergen immunotherapy, skin testing, food allergy, hives, drug allergy, anaphylaxis and generalized immune deficiencies.

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Dr. Chacko’s Expertise

Is Sought Out by Patients, Doctors and National Media Outlets

Dr. Chacko discusses peanut allergies and treatments on WebMD

Are peanuts a real problem for you? Dr. Chacko shares his advice on how to manage peanut allergy.

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Expectant mothers: get the latest info on pregnancy, babies and peanut allergy from Dr. Chacko.

Dr. Chacko discusses spring allergies and pollen on Weekend Express

The glory of spring brings a rash of pollen. Use Dr. Chacko’s allergy tips to make this season easier on you.

CBS News Story on Dr. Chacko’s oral immunotherapy treatment for peanut allergy

“It’s life-changing.” Learn how oral immunology (OIT) can help with peanut and other food allergies.

Dr. Chacko discusses the latest research on peanut allergies on Weekend Express

Can you reduce the risk of children getting peanut allergy? Dr. Chacko explains the latest research and practices.

Dr. Chacko with a young Chacko Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center patient

"At Chacko Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center our priority is providing the best possible care for our patients. Improving their health and well-being is our pleasure."

Dr. Thomas Chacko

Board Certified Pediatric and Adult Allergist/Immunologist

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