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Suffering From Allergies? Look no Further Than Dr. Thomas Chacko, MD!

We pride ourselves on providing excellent care and individual attention to our patients suffering from allergies. Therefore, patients see the same allergist (Dr. Chacko) every visit and we get to know our patients very well. The goals of our practice are:

1. Provide high quality care to all patients
2. Listen to our patients and their needs
3. Treat patients as we would want to be treated

We cover all areas of adult and pediatric allergy and immunology, including allergic rhinitis (hay fever), sinusitis, asthma, chronic cough, allergen immunotherapy, skin testing, food allergy, hives, drug allergy, anaphylaxis and generalized immune deficiencies.

Atlanta’s Top Asthma and Allergy Doctor, Dr. Thomas Chacko, MD, is Located Near You!

At Chacko Allergy and Asthma, our primary goal is to spread awareness of everything relating to allergies, including common allergens, allergy testing and treatment options.

If you live in the Atlanta, GA, area and are looking for a comprehensive allergy treatment from a highly successful allergist, you have come to the right place.

Chacko Allergy (Ears Nose and Throat)

Phone: 678-668-4688

Having trouble finding us? Get directions here to our Atlanta, Cumming, Duluth, Johns Creek, and Roswell offices.

As your Atlanta allergy doctor, we look forward to helping guide you on the path towards a life virtually free of even the worst allergy symptoms!

Watch Dr. Thomas Chacko Speak About Allergies, Asthma, and more, in the following videos:

Dr. Chacko is a trusted national expert in the field of allergies, food allergies, sinus disease and asthma, CNN, FOX, Telemundo, WebMD, HLN and many others

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Dr. Chacko with Sanjay Gupta on CNN

Dr Chacko discussing the latest in peanut allergy on CNN

Spring Allergies HLN Interview with Dr. Chacko

Life prior to peanut desensitization…now eating peanuts!

Dr. Chacko discussing peanut allergies on Headline News

Dr. Chacko explaining exercise induced asthma on CNN

Dr. Chacko discussing peanut oral immunotherapy

Dr. Chacko : Food Allergies Without Limitations

Dr. Chacko on CBS 46 Atlanta

Dr. Chacko discussing peanut allergies

Patrick and Cecilia

We first introduced you to these super sweet kids back in July 2019. Kristen originally brought only Cecilia in for treatment for her cashew and pistachio allergies after she ate…

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